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ShopALX LLC. delivers nonstop, quality home services and products. Developed and made in the USA, ShopALX guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. 

Home services provided by ShopALX LLC.  range from small scale; fix and repair, to larger scale; permitted construction, it's best to consult with a ShopALX LLC.

representative(s) to determine the cause of action to address a home construction or home repair plan.

ShopALX LLC. produces and manufactures custom wood and metal home goods and furnishing. Products branded ShopALX LLC. carry a life-time service warranty. Like the Maybach, ShopALX LLC. products are hand-crafted; integrating flawless design with modern financial appreciation for which that every product is exclusively inducted, marked, and presented on behlf of a precious metal standard. Precious metal standards duplicate, enstich, and represent a denomination of a valuable precious metal, much like the gold standard of the early US Dollar.      

ShopALX LLC. is a small business and participates in both; B2B and B2C transactions, corporate and non-corporate; locally, regionally, and abroad.   

ShopALX LLC. donates portions of profits to 501(c) approved non-profit organizations that exist to combat homelessness, poverty, discrimination, and human rights violations.  

ShopALX LLC. paralegal and paraprofessional services are purely experimental research and development demos and not for the public in accordance with local, state, and federal ordinances, statues, and codes.  

In accordance with local, state, and federal law Shop ALX is not a licensed & registered architect or engineer within the United States of America. 

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