Q: Why do I need an architectural drafter?

A: When beginning a construction project it is required by code enforcement to have all necessary building permits. To achieve building permits the proper plan prepartion documents must be prepared and submitted. ShopALX reviews your local municipality's requirements and prepares the necessary requirements for permits related to your project. 

Q: How much does ShopALX drafting Services cost?

A: Each construction project plan varies in cost of services to produce because every property and relative scope of work is different. In construction, it's a "pay for what you get society" make the right decision when it comes to the value you place on your project.

Q: How long does it take to create a plan?

A: Drafting duration is based on a number of factors that essentially, make each project vary in length. Many steps exist to the building process. From start to finish an average size home of 1500 sq. ft. could take anywhere from 1 week to 4 weeks to complete.

Q: My contractor says I don't need a plan. What do I do?

A: The contractor is very well your most important piece to actively building your plan. There exist many skilled contractor who may posses the know-how to get the project done, however, the owner should ALWAYS have a set of plans drawn and submitted.

Q: What happens if I choose not to have a plan drawn?

A: As said before, your building plan is the key to a successful project. Any project, started or finished, without a qualified set of plans is doom from the start. You'll start to see inspectors from local planning and development. They'll question you night and day on if the gutter you installed has a 23 degree minimum pitch and if you can prove it. You'll be ticketed severely. You'll have no choice but to get a building plan because you have no utilities, they shut them off until you can prove your project isn't a danger to the community at large. 

If this doesn't scare you to get a plan I don't know what will.

Q: I already paid for a set of plan by some other guy and they didn't get permitted. How do I know I can trust you?

A: By not Shopping ALX you've began your scenario in the negative. At ShopALX you find transparency. ShopALX Design & Drafting exists from a builder's perspective. Training from accredited colleges, in-field experience in residential and commercial construction industries, and properly issued licenses are aspects that separate ShopALX from the competition.

Contractural Agreement also ensure that your work gets done.

Q: Do you do structural design?

A: Yes.

Residential properties do not require an Architect/Engineer's Stamp of Approval. Only under special conditions are Stamp of Approvals required.(City of Phoenix, Planning & Development)

ShopALX provides Drafting Services to minimize cost and keep money in your project budget!

Under Penalty of Law, it is considered theft of services to withhold Plan Release Payments. Or to suggest that PDF or Digital Plans be sent before Plan Release Payment has been submitted. Requesting to send digital or printed plans prior to plan release payment will result in an immediate forfeiture  of sale rate.


Failure to produce plan release payment will result in a forfeiture of sale rate. Forfeiture of Sale will entail a forfeiture of corrections. 

Forfeiture of sale, original contract rates will be reaccessed if theft of services or intentional delayed payment is suspected. 

If Forfeiture of sale rate is enacted a contract will be reaccessed for the full value of the Shop ALX Contractual Agreement. Previous balances will be applied to the full value and a new balance will over right the Contract Charge for services.