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Shop ALX Design and Drafting is a small-business located in Phoenix, AZ. Shop ALX founder, Heralal Alexander Nandlal, opened ShopALX in response to the environment that surrounded him. From Chicago, IL, where construction is highly regulated and the architecture is vast in natural origin, Alex begin studying under the ranks of experienced 40 plus year union carpenters and welders.

Gaining and sharpening skills over time Alex grew to understand more aspects of the world we live in as human beings and how it relates to architecture.


It's a responsibly to practice the art of building and no other firm respect the 5000 plus year art more than ShopALX Drafting and Design.

ShopALX put's quality over all, you'll be satisfied when you ShopALX.


Designers are knowledgeable on everything that is construction. From the foundation to the roof and all of the material required. 

Complete and comprehensive plans, budget, and site analysis give you a clear understanding of your project. Shop ALX Drafting and Design seeks to bring you the clarity you desire. It's your vision, Shop ALX.

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We eliminate the need for 3rd party Drafters. A one stop shop for all your building plan needs.


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